SmithKline Beecham pharmaceutical laboratory 1995. Fibreglass relief painted in oils 183 x 92cms

I was given access to wander around the laboratory decked out in protective gear, similar to the woman covering her shoes next to the white rubber boots (lower middle). A machine like a washing machine was used to coat pills with sugary coverings, the pills would later be inspected on a conveyor belt (lower right). This was one of the first pieces where I used real objects to cast in the actual mould. Several years later I was commissioned to record the building of GSK new headquarters when SmithKline merged with Glaxo see ‘Construction projects, UK’ in this website

Trading Floors

“LIFFE” London International Financial Futures Exchange 1991, relief painted in oils 109 x 90cms

Above commission is of ‘LIFFE’, the London Financial Futures Exchange. Two versions of the same image were made (above left) Bronze resin version, (right) fibre glass & resin painted in oils. Photographs weren’t permitted on the trading floor. I was given an orange jacket to wander with a sketch book to capture the scene, trying to appear as if I was “a runner”, the back of my head can be spotted with a plaid, far right side. Runners communicate messages to their employers with rapid hand signals & sign language, the action happened in waves as the numbers on the overhead sign boards changed. The sketches were later used as reference material to compose the relief image.

Salamon Brothers Hong Kong 1993
“Traders, Salamon Brothers” HK 1995, painted in oils 130 x 95cms

This was the first commission I received in Hong Kong, during the time I had my first exhibition. I was told to look as business like as possible, to be able to spend time on the trading floor taking photographs & blending with the environment. The office had great views over Kowloon which have been painted through the large windows. The actual relief was made in London as at that time I was not yet living in HK, it was pre digital cameras & use of internet so many of the images had to be sent by post. The box like computers & telephone wires now look very dated.

“Traders at UBS Phillips and Drew” London 1992 Fibreglass relief painted in oils 126 x 96.5cms

(Above) is a commission of a trading floor at UBS in Broadgate, London. I had a small desk on the trading floor & got to learn of various office shenanigans that have been recorded in small ways. I’m not sure the people involved ever noticed, so if they should stumble on this website they will now find out. There was a woman having an affair with one of her colleagues who can be seen sitting next to her, on her computer screen is a small yellow sticker saying her husband had called. There are lots of other incidents recorded which I will leave for you to find out. I’m wandering at the back of the room, top left with sketch book in hand wearing a grey jumper.